Breathing + exercise = chronic pain resolution

First things first so this makes sense. Let’s find your Max Heart Rate. Subtract your age from 220. Whatever your number is, that is how many pulses per minute you should have at most when working out, at most. In other words, this is your Max Heart Rate. Then, if you are looking to address chronic pain, there is a lot of research showing that aerobic exercises decrease pain. Take 50-60% of your Max Heart Rate will improve your chronic pain syndromes. And if you exercise keeping a HR of 60-80% MaxHR, if you can tolerate it and have chronic pain, you will increase your fitness. Also, you should be able to perform from 15 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercises. Hence, the intensity should be light enough to allow the person to last this much time at this heart rate.

To measure your heart rate, you can: do it manually, use a pulse oxymeter, fitbit, or a digital watch such as an iwatch.

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